Bahamas Sound, Great Exuma

Bahamas Sound is located in Great Exuma, which is the largest island in the Exuma Cays. It is situated between Farmers Hill and Mount Thompson on the east of the island and stretches over to the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The area has easy access to the rest of Great Exuma and Little Exuma via the Queen’s Highway, which runs parallel to the coast on the east. The main settlement in Great Exuma is George Town and is located just under 10 miles away from Bahamas Sound.

What would it mean to live in Bahamas Sound, Great Exuma?

It is a place where you can unwind in a private setting. The area is populated with lush green vegetation and from anywhere in Bahamas Sound you are never far from the stunning turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the homes and lots here have a dock or the option to build one. It is an ideal location for paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling or to enjoy the privacy and relaxation that a private beach affords.

Closest Airport to Bahamas Sound

Bahamas International Airport (GGT) is around 3 miles from Bahamas Sound and offers regular flights from Nassau, Florida, Atlanta and Toronto, making this area an ideal place for people looking for a second home in a paradisiacal location without extensive travel time.

Climate in Bahamas Sound

The climate in Bahamas Sound (Great Exuma) is warm all year round, with summer temperatures reaching a maximum of 91?F / 33?C and a minimum of 75?F / 24?C. Winter temperatures are also relatively warm with highs of 77?F / 25?C and lows of 65?F / 18?C.

Bahamas Sound Investment Opportunity

Pig Beach has contributed to the popularity of Exuma as a must see travel destination and is famous for the swimming pigs that reside there. Exuma is also renowned for its stunning natural beauty and the protected Exuma Land and Sea Park is a testament to this. The Bahamas Sound is a perfect location for someone looking for an investment opportunity, as there is a demand for vacation rental properties in Great Exuma.

Beaches near Bahamas Sound

Beautiful beaches are another reason why people choose to make the Bahamas Sound their second home. The beaches are pristine and abundant in wildlife and with so many to choose from it is within the realms of normality to find a beach with no one else there. Click here if you would like to find out more about the beaches in Exuma.

A Guide to Buying Property in Exuma

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